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For 15 years, United Propane has offered residential, commercial, and agricultural propane throughout Central Ohio. We serve a seven-county area from our Lancaster, Ohio, office. When you need propane, United Propane is here! We offer 24/7 service and a 24-hour emergency line.

Why Choose Propane?

Why Choose Propane?

Propane has many advantages to other fuels. 1) It is cost-effective and efficient. 2) Propane is clean and reduces carbon emissions. 3) It is reliable because you store it right on your property, so winter storms and downed power lines don’t interrupt your service. 4) Propane is versatile and can provide hot water, back-up energy, cooking and heating, and even dry your clothes.

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Upgrade to Autofill and receive a $25 account credit after your first automatic fill. Want to earn another $25? Switch to RelyAssure by August 30 and get a second $25 account credit! RelyAssure is our premier monthly adjustable budget program. If you struggle with tank rent each year, why not enroll in our RelyAssure program? There is no tank rental fee when enrolled in the program, and it protects you from price spikes in the winter heating season. Call us today to learn more! (800) 433-9705

A Reliable Propane Supplier

Your Reliable Propane Supplier

If you’re looking for a reliable, customer-focused propane service provider, we invite you to call United Propane. Our access to national supply resources for propane and other fuels means United Propane customers never have to worry about running out of gas. We make switching propane service providers easy. Call us today!

It's time for Summer Fill deliveries.

Make sure your account is in good standing in order to take advantage of our best pricing of the season!

When you're looking for the best in propane service, call United Propane: 800-433-9705

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